/10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

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Navy Blazer

Sits rightly in the king’s throne as the single most essential piece of any gents wardrobe, not only Is it classic and easily available It is also arguably the most versatile Item of clothing you will ever own. Sticking to our ethos that fit is by Far and away the most important thing when it comes to your clothes, find yourself one that fits beautifully. Avoid anything flashy, too tight/large or anything looks too trendy.

White Shirt

A total essential! every man needs a killer white shirt. It may seem like an afterthought to buying a suit, but getting a well fitted white shirt for any color for that matter) is absolutely essential to sharpening up you took. Buy a shirt that fits you snugly around the collar but doesn’t choke you. and one that fits you around the chest and lower body here is nothing worse than a shirt billowing out of the top of your trousers, If it billows, don’t buy it!

Knitted Tie

The knitted tie is a fantastic addition to any gent’s wardrobe, again it’s versatile. It’s suitable for the office but it’s also great for those smart-casual events which we feel you should always ebb on the side of formal. Get one in a neutral color or some-thing that matches well. We suggest some-thing gray or navy and again avoid polyester, go with silk, cotton or wool. Wear it around the office with pride, It’s definitely the sign of someone who’s sartorially switched on.

Grey Suit

The well-dressed gents Swiss Army knife. Suitable for every occasion whether that be a job interview, wedding or night out, the gray suit is the bread and butter of any well-dressed gent.

This is a piece you should really invest in because if you manage to keep yourself in relatively the same shape, it’s going to last you for years, A good tailor is your best friend here, find one and get your suit altered. Even the tiniest alteration, whether that’s shortening the sleeves to expose half an inch of shirt cuff or getting the jacket slimmed in the body an Inch, the details make the big difference

Raw Denim Jeans

Jeans are something men wear all the time, have no qualms about throwing on and feel comfortable in, so why do we get it so wrong so often? The two suspects are always size and color. Size: Don’t buy jeans that bunch at the ankles. Not only do they look scruffy, they also make your legs look much shorter. Proportion is all about clean straight lines, don’t do yourself a disservice by making yourself look shorter. The other aspect of the size which we get so wrong is the fit. We see men all the time in completely shapeless Jeans. Again, avoid skinny jeans and stick with a nice slim/tapered fit, something that hugs your butt. There’s nothing worse than excess fabric around that area, something tapered will frame your legs and cut a sharp silhouette. Color: This Is what men get fundamentally wrong about jeans.

The darker the wash the better, trust us. Please, please, please avoid light washed out jeans like the plague. Which sounds better to you? Dark. slim, classic and stylish, think David Beckham on an off day, or washed out shapeless, dad-jeans, think Billy Ray Cyrus? Invest In some well fitting, raw denim jeans and look after them and they will last you a very long time.

White Trainers

A weekend staple. Keep it simple, that’s the best advice we can
give with all of the items in your list The more complicated your pieces become the harder they are
to put together. Keep your shoes clean, nothing says badly dressed than tatty white trainers. There are great options at all price points. Avoid garish logos and features.

Pale Blue Shirt

Another shirt essential, probably more versatile than the white shirt as it offers a slight dash of color which gives a more sartorial savvy nod. Follow the same rules as the white shirt and you will cut a sharp look.

White T-shirt

Probably the item that gents struggle to part with a lot of cash for, after all. Is it just a white t-shirt right? Well, yes and no, it Is in fact, just a white t-shirt so you can get away with spending a little less on this one. However, if you want something that’s breathable and feels great against the skin don’t be afraid to part with a few extra pennies. The white t-shirt will be your go-to piece on off days, evenings and weekends.


It’s a great go-to piece when jeans are not appropriate, and can be dressed up or down easily. Avoid anything ‘skinny fit’ as the chinos will automatically lose their masculine charm Go for a mid tan as It will offer you the most versatility, make sure they fit you and have some shape to them, you don’t want them to look like you’ve just come out the military surplus shop now do you?

Tan Brogue

If we had to pick one shoe to wear it’d be the tan brogue, again it’s all about versatility. When building a new wardrobe a good tan brogue has to be on the list. 11 looks great with jeans, chinos a suit Everything. When it comes to shoes we would definitely recommend spending a little more and buying something with a Goodyear welted sole. That way you can replace the whole sole when it’s worn out, giving you essentially a whole new shoe when you get the soles replaced as the uppers are very hardy and shouldn’t wear out. If you can’t stretch to a Goodyear welted shoe you can pick up some very nice tan brogues for a lower price.

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