/4 Tips For Selling Multiple Books

4 Tips For Selling Multiple Books

If you are an author who has multiple books and you sell them through your own shopping cart, there are a few marketing tips that may help increase the sales of your book. They are very successful techniques that businesses use today to help increase their sales.

By: T. Eldidge

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As the sales and marketing director of a company I worked at in the past, I witnessed firsthand the overnight increase in revenue when we implemented these techniques. If you are creative in applying these techniques, you may find added life in the sales of your books.

1. Bundling: who like a certain author usually like to read multiple books by that author. Why not make it easy for your readers to buy multiple copies of your book? By offering a bundle, you are agreeing to sale more than one title to your customer at a discount from what they could buy the books individually. The benefit to you is that you increase your sales and revenue. Just remember to make sure your discount is not so deep that you loose money, but high enough to entice people to buy. Testing price points will show you the sweet spot for your bundle price. BONUS TIP: if you set up bundles in your shopping cart, create a separate product for the bundle. That way, tracking the sales for these bundles will be a snap and you can set the discounted price of the bundle on that product.

2. Spread The Payments: If you offer multiple books, the cost, even if you bundle, can really add up. In this economy, it becomes increasingly harder for people to make the decision to part with a big chunk of change. You can easily take a $100 sale and offer two or three easy payments. Most shopping carts are set up for recurring payments and sometimes helping the buyer out up front is enough for them to take the leap and buy your books.

3. Offer A Bonus: In addition to saving money, people to get free things of value. In order to make a multiple book order more enticing, why not offer a free bonus for those who order your book. Here is a list of free bonus ideas you may want to consider using:

1. Free shipping
2. Free e-book download
3. Free trial membership to a paid membership site
4. Free autographs
5. Free $5 gift card to Starbucks

The list can be as creative as you. If you are going to offer bonuses for your multiple book orders, you want to give the value of the bonus to your buyer. For example, you can say something like, “For ordering all my titles today, I will send you XYZ e-book, a $15 dollar value, for free. I will also throw in a $5 Starbucks gift card so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you read the books.”

In addition to mentioning the value of the bonus, you will want to make sure that after your cost to offer the bonus, you are still making a profit.

4. Throw In An Extra Copy: If your price point allows, you can also agree to throw in an extra copy of your book for your customer to give to a friend as a gift. Not only can this lead to a high-priced sale for you, but the added exposure of your book can also benefit you.

Play around with these and other ideas for selling multiple books, and you just may see your book sales soar.

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