/40 Marketing Ideas for Your Business

40 Marketing Ideas for Your Business

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40 Marketing Ideas for your business

40 Marketing Ideas for your business


1. Conduct a competitor analysis to lay out your position in your market
2. Narrow your niche + create a customer avatar
3. Cold email potential clients
4. Develop a referral program and share it with past clients
5. Create a strategic website that works for you 24/7
6. Ask for testimonials then share them on your website + social media accounts
7. Send past clients thoughtful gifts
8. Leave flyers about your products and services at local coffee shops
9. Host (or co-host) a webinar
10. Guest post on an influential blog

11. Cross-promote with a biz bestie
12. Make sure you’re seen! Comment on other’s blog posts, Instagram feeds + Facebook group questions
13. Find a non-competitor with similar clients and team up on a collaboration
14. Ask a leader in your industry if they’ll refer their wait-list to you
15. Find discussion threads on something relevant to your then use your expertise to solve a problem and show your value
16. Host a workshop or in-person event
17. Focus on 1-2 social media platforms and develop a solid strategy for them
18. Create a business page for on Facebook
19. List your business as your workplace on your personal Facebook page
20. Join Facebook groups and answer questions (people will see your business page when they click your profile to find out more about you)
21. Promote other people’s content on Twitter
22. Look for questions directed at your industry on Twitter (via keyword search)
23. Edit your Pinterest boards so they’re specific to your niche
24. Create Pinterest infographics related to your services, products and email opt-ins, then link to relevant pages on your website (you’re not limited to only pinning your blog posts!)
25. Create blog posts of lists or how-to’s specific to your niche

26. Create a “101” guide for newbies in your industry
27. Offer free content upgrades + resources
28. Send out weekly emails
29. Film a quick video explaining your services or frequently asked questions
30. Give a behind the scenes peek of your process
31. Show or talk about a work in progress
32. Think about your visuals – use them in a way that makes your content more digestible and easily absorbed (break up paragraphs, create an infographic, use icons or photos, etc)
33. Use the content you create and make versions of it that can be shared across all platforms you’re on (blog, email list, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc)
34. Host a challenge
35. Create bundled versions of your products + services
36. Hold a flash sale or pay-what-you-can for a product or service
37. Have promotional material or business cards on you at all times
38. Host a giveaway
39. Give out exclusive offers to your email list or people who share your content
40. Create a hashtag that people can use for a chance to have their photo or content shared by you

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