/9 Forgotten Ways to Make Customers Enjoy Your Site

9 Forgotten Ways to Make Customers Enjoy Your Site

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1. Make it fast
One of the most important things to constantly monitor is the speed of your site. Did you know that 40 percent of people abandon a Site that takes more than three seconds to load?

2. Make it responsive
It is a horrible experience when a Site takes too long to load, the text appears way too small to read, and your fingers are too fat to click on one thing instead of three. Guess what? People won’t tolerate this. They will simply leave your site.

3. Make it stylish
Be clear on what mood and impression you want to project, and what color palette will help you achieve that. It’s generally a good idea to have one neutral color and one bright color to balance the two.

4. Make it legible
Select a font that will complement your overall imagery and that will be easy to read. Please don’t use Comic Sans or Times New Roman. While there is nothing wrong with those fonts, they don’t convey an image of a polished, well-defined brand.

5. Make it easy on the eyes
Just because you’ve got so much space on a screen, doesn’t mean you have to use it all. Nicely space out text and images, and employ the power of white space. It makes reading easier and creates an overall pleasurable experience.

6. Make it easy to navigate
Your navigation should be as minimal as possible. You neither want, nor need every single page to be represented under the navigation tree. Instead, it might be a clever idea to have a general page underneath each option that further directs Customers with various links or buttons.

7. Make it clear
When people visit your Site for the first time, make sure you screen them out with a clear mission or even a slogan right up front. This way, only people, who are looking for the types of information you provide, will stick.

8. Make it focused
It’s OK to have varied interests and be knowledgeable in more than one topic. But it goes back to being useful to a very specific group of people. Drive that focus and usefulness home before taking on any more topics.

9. Make it valuable
Provide value all the time. Provide value with your blog, your online sales and your copy that not only sells but educates. Make Customers want to stay on your Site for as long as possible.

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