/What Breed of Goat should you Buy?

What breed of goat should you buy?

What Breed of Goat should you Buy

What Breed of Goat should you Buy?

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Choosing the right breed of goat is a big deal and one that requires a lot of consideration and research. The main thing you need to know is what you’ll be using your goat for in the first place!

Best Dairy Goat Breeds

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are easy to train and keep. Their milk has 6% butterfat and is higher in protein than most other breeds. Two other great options for Dairy Goats are the Alpine and La Mancha Goat.

Best Meat Goat Breeds

Spanish Meat Goats are excellent goats to breed for their meat due to their hardy nature. Boer Goats and Kiko Goats are two other perfect options when using goats for meat production.

Best Fiber Goat Breeds

Known to be an alert and suspicious animal the Cashmere Goat originally from Kashmir, India is one of the best goats for fiber. Other good options when using goats for fiber are the Angora Goats and Pygora Goats.

Best Pet Goat Breeds

Mini Dairy Goats are probably one of your best bets for a pet goat because of their small space requirement, good temperament and ability to be easily trained. Pygmy and Kinder goats are also nice options as pets.


Don’t forget that goats are normally part of a herd. They are most happy when they have a companion, so think about owning another goat or a pet companion!

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