/How to Do Business Travel Like A Boss

How to Do Business Travel Like A Boss

How to Do Business Travel Like A Boss

So you could be a seasoned traveller or perhaps it’s your first trip and although you’re excited, you aren’t quite sure where to start. From packing to organising your VISA and chasing your assistant to book your room – it’s quite a headache. On top of that, you need to know what else you should consider before travelling. From the things you need to do months in advance to the things you can do once you arrive. Here’s our run down of how to like a boss.

Before you go

Flights: Depending on the country you’re travelling to, you’ll want to purchase your flights suitably earlier than you would for a domestic trip.

VISA & Passport:
Ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity on it from the date of travel, whilst there’s no conclusive answer, it’s better to be on the safe side. Ensure you have the right VISA to enter the country you are travelling to. Nothing worse than being refused entry.

Maps & Apps:
These are must have apps for all business travellers and frequent fliers.
• Download an offline version of Google Maps for your destination.
• Airline apps for paperless boarding.
• Skype and WhatsApp for cheap communication with business associates and family.
• Google Translate can translate a picture of text immediately.
• Download Uber or the city’s local instant taxi app to get around easily if regular taxis are more expensive or less trust-worthy.

What to Pack Hacks Maps & Apps:
• Your Schedule
• Type of office youli be in (corporate or casual)
• The weather
• How the you’ll meet dress Take into consideration the conservativeness of the destination.

Check the weather and if it looks rainy add a small umbrella to your luggage Top tip – if you have to go from flight to boardroom, dress In a transitional outfit. Wear a nice pair of trousers and simply change your shirt or top and shoes on arrival In the airport bathroom.

During the flight
Sleep – There’s no sure fire way to adapt to a different time zone, but ask for an eye mask and ear plugs from the flight attendant and have a small snooze. Charge up – If there are charging points on the flight, use this time to charge your devices. You may have been using them before take-off or during the flight to work and it’s best to arrive with full battery when you land. Walk around – this is a must You won’t have a solid sleep anyway, so simply walk around and stretch to help circulation.

While you are there
Do combine business and leisure: Bleisure

83% of business travellers use time on trips to explore the city they’re in.
54% take famliy members or significant other with them on a business trip.
60% are more likely to take a bleisure trip now than they would have done five years ago.
30% of of respondants add two days of annual leave to business trips to make a holiday out of it.
Younger travellers (94%) are more than likely to take a bleisure trip in the next five years, significantly higher than the worldwide average.
96% believe they gain cultural experiences and knowledge through their bleisure trips
73% of travellers think bleisure benefits them as an employee and 78% agree that it adds value to the work assignment.


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