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Every dog is distinctive just as every human is! But the fun lies in discovering the similarities that are there beyond the fur and the species, needless to say! So our pet-crazy team started a fun project that resulted in this Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for dogs! This infographic is just a fun way to see what characteristics certain breeds may have in common with our character types! So let’s answer the question which breed would best match your character type.

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What Dog Breed Are You?

If you do not know your Myers-Briggs type, do your best to make a guess or take a quick test at www.16personalities.com to find out! Of course each individual dog has a slightly different personality, so this post is just meant to be a fun way to see what characteristics certain breeds may have in common with our personality types!


One of the biggest misconceptions in the dog world is that Standard Poodles are “prissy” dogs, whereas they are in fact one of the smartest, most trainable breeds. Poodles usually learn very quickly and respond well to positive training methods. Like the Poodle, INTP types are known for their intelligence and brilliant theories as well as unrelenting logic and love of patterns. They are also both relentlessly curious, always wanting to explore new skills and environments.


As one of the most popular breeds as family dogs, it comes as no surprise that the Labrador Retriever is one of the most social and easiest breeds to train. If you can teach it, a Lab can most likely learn it with the proper training. Much like the Labrador, ENTPs rarely pass up a good opportunity to learn something new. Both Labradors and ENTPs are determined and incredibly energetic – whether it be burying a new bone or putting in long days and nights to learn a new skill.

INTJ (ARCHITECT): Siberian Husky

These dogs are known for their intelligence and independent nature as a “lone wolf”. Sometimes Siberian Huskies are so intelligent that they will “hack” their way through obedience school and then conveniently “forget” everything they learned once at home. Like the Siberian Husky, INTJ types hate to feel caged in as they are highly independent and may gel frustrated or push back if they find themselves pushed into lightly defined roles that limit their freedom.


Basenjis are curious and intelligent dogs who are also nicknamed the “barkless dog”, but are on a whole other level as they are the only breed with the ability to yodel. KNTJs crave growth, opportunity, and leadership, but it often lakes lime for their skills to be recognized. Much like the ENTJ type, Basenjis are natural-born leaders with a self-directed nature, which sometimes makes them a challenge to train.


Shibas are well known (maybe a little Loo well known) for the Doge meme. but they are also seen as the most “cal-like” dog for their incredible loyally to owners and aloofness with strangers. Like the Shiba, INFPs would rather have a small group of really close friends than be everybody’s best friend. Shiba Inus are incredibly smart, but also stubborn with a mischievous sense of humor – when displeased. Shibas may decide to emit a loud scream. Like Shiba Inus, INFPs are incredibly independent and may be perceived as calm and reserved, but they have an inner (lame and passion that can truly shine once you gel to know them.

ENFP (CAMPAIGNER): French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are outgoing, lively dogs who paws-ilively love attention. Their puppy logic is. “My best friend is you…and you…and you! I LOVE EVERYONE!” They are very social and will put a smile on your face. Like Frenchies. ENFPs really thrive in social environments and enjoy the personal connections they make with others. ENFPs are also very flexible and are able to witch quickly from being a passionate, driven individual in the workplace to the imaginative “free spirits” who like to take some me to reflect. Their versatility gives them a chance to connect emotionally with others, which they feel the happiest doing.


Beagles are well known Cor their incredible sense of smell whether it be used for work in I SA or just for exploring the backyard. They make wonderful family pets and will guard the home with all that they have. Both Beagles and INFJs are very persistent – once a Beagle catches catches onto a scent, it will not give up until the source is discovered and once INFJs believe something is important, they pursue the goal with incredible conviction and energy. INFJs are often soft-spoken, bill have strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in. Similarly. Beagles are quite brave for their size and will not hesitate to bark loudly if they sense danger.


Like the well-loved movie dog hero Lassie, though Collies are incredibly devoted, reliable dogs who have a knack for finding all those Timmys who fell down the wells. Like the Rough Collie, ENFJs strive to be reliable and hold themselves accountable because the last thing they want to do is let down a person or cause they believe in. With this mindset, il comes as no surprise that both Rough Collies and KNFJs are incredibly loyal and protective of their loved ones. They are also both natural born leaders with some famous ENFJs being Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

ISTP (VIRTUOSO: Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers were originally bred to be sturdy working dogs and are very protective of their family and territory. They are incredibly calm and patient unless they sense imminent danger to their loved ones. If left alone, they will gel bored easily and want to find something to do which unfortunately often defaults to furniture casualties. Like the Black Russian Terrier, ISTP type personalities love the “learn by doing” experience and tend to get bored easily in a setting where they aren’t doing anything. Like in an academic selling, once something is understood. ISTPs will want to move on to learn something new and more interesting.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are described as strong willed, independent, and Tearless. 1’liey trust their own judgement and do whatever they Teel is the right thing to do. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are from Southern Africa where they were originally bred to hunt big lions. Like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, KSTPs enjoy a lifestyle oT risky behavior. Much like how a Rhodesian Ridgeback analyzes each and every move of the lion as it hunts, an ESTP is one oT the most perceptive types has the unique skill to notice small changes or shifts in behavior, facial expression, clothing style, habits, etc. They are also natural group leaders who live in the moment and like to take the path less traveled, bringing spontaneity and excitement wherever they go.


Border Collies are recognized as one of llie smartest dog breeds out there. Initially bred as a working farm dog, they learn very quickly and enjoy themselves the most while working or just being active in general. Although they may seem very independent, they demand attention and want to be with their loved ones constantly. Like the Border Collie. ISTJ type people enjoy taking responsibility for their actions. When working towards a goal they’ve set their minds to, both ISTJs and Border Collies put in their all, sometimes to the point of picking up the “workaholic” title. Because of their hardworking and meticulous nature, ISTJs and Border Collies lake pride in their work…which unfortunately can sometimes be a shredded couch cushion.

ESTJ (EXECUTIVE): German Shepherd

German Shepherds are commonly used by the police and military because of their highly active personalities combined with the willingness to learn and serve a purpose. Much like the German Shepherd. KS’TJ personalities lead by example and are strong believers in the rule of the law as well as the idea that authority and respect must be earned. Especially in their line of work. German Shepherds and KSTJs are more than willing to dive into challenging projects, but they don’t work alone and expect their hard work and drive to be reciprocated.

ISFP (ADVENTURER): Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has a similar personality to the Border Collie in terms of its success in work and training. They are intense and dedicated workers, but are very receptive and reactive to their environment. Likewise, ISFP type personalities are very aware of their surroundings and sensitive to others. They can easily relate to others* emotions, helping them establish harmony and goodwill, and minimize conflict. Like the determination of the Aussie, when ISFPs are caught up in something they find exciting and interesting, other things may get left on the back burner.

ESFP (ENTERTAINER): Flat-Coated Retriever

Flat-Coated Retrievers are nicknamed the “Peter Pan” of dogs and extremely active, social breed the more attention the better! Like the spotlight and wanting to be in the middle of things. KSFPs see the world as their stage and love putting on a show for their friends to make sure everyone’s having a great time. There’s no greater joy for both the Flal-Coat and ESFP than having fun with a group of friends.

ISFJ (DEFENDER): Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter*’ or “Mother Teresa of Dogs” for their love of protectiveness of children and humans all the same. They may seem very large and intimidating, but these gentle giants will do everything they can to protect the ones they love. Very much like Newfoundlands, ISFJs have the mindset of “If I can protect you, I will” and take their responsibilities personally – often going above and beyond to exceed expectations and make others happy.

ESFJ (CONSUL): Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is very affectionate and loving towards people and other furry friends, but don’t be fooled – these sassy fluff clouds have cpiite a personality! Like the Bichon Frise, KSFJs enjoy supporting friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy, but they also have a mischievous side that can be hard to see at first. KSFJs are good at connecting with others and have a strong sense of moral responsibility to meet their obligations. Both KSFJ and the Bichon Frise have cheerful attitudes toward life and will spread joy to everyone they meet.

Did these breeds sound like you? Does your dog sound like the personality type they matched with? Just like how dogs have a combination of personalities, humans do too. Comment what dog breed you think represents your personality the best!

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