/Find Out What’s the Difference Between WordPress.org & WordPress.com

Find Out What’s the Difference Between WordPress.org & WordPress.com

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The info below highlights the key differences between these WordPress platforms and help you choose which is right for you.


You have to purchase hosting plan from $3.49 per month and domain name from $10 per year (mostly free with hosting plan).

You can upload free, premium and custom WordPress Themes. You can modify code and customize your site as you wish.

You will be responsible for your site updates, optimization, spam control, and backups – or you can hire someone to do this.

You can upload any plugins, allowing you to add any feature or functionality that your website needs.


NO EXPENSE – FREE! The Basic WordPress.com is free but limited – up to 3GB storage with .wordpress.com in your domain name address.

You can NOT upload a theme and limited to WordPress.com themes. Purchase CSS upgrade at $30 per year to edit code.

You don’t have to worry at all. Because WordPress.com takes care of everything from updates to backups and more.

You can NOT upload any plugins and limited to several built-in plugin-alike features from WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is self hosted, so you’ll need to sign up with a web hosting service. This adds a monthly fee to your site’s running costs. WordPress.org users can buy their own domain name for under S10, letting you build a fully branded website. There are literally thousands of fantastic free and premium WordPress themes for org users. You con use any theme you want. .org users can install any plugin on their website, letting you add any functionality your website needs. Because of the plugins available, you con monetize WordPress.org in just about any way you can imagine. Never underestimate the importance of website security. WordPress.org users will have to take care of all security aspects themselves – or they can hire someone else to do this for o monthly fee.

WordPress.com is fully hosted. High quality hosting is provided free of charge by Automattic, making your hosting decision cheaper and more straightforward. Free WordPress.com users are stuck with an annoying WordPress extension in their URL. This looks less professional. .com users must choose their theme from the official WordPress.com collection. There are 300 high quality themes to choose from, which is still a good quantity, but far less than .org. Unfortunately, .com users cannot install plugins on their website. The out-the-box version of WordPress.com, however, does include some of the functionality you will need. WordPress.com users face more restrictions. For example, to generate ad revenues, you need over 25k monthly views, plus your ad revenue is split 50/50 with Automattic. Website security and maintenance is handled by Automattic, free of charge.

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