/Increase Your Traffic Through Original Content

Increase Your Traffic Through Original Content

At its most basic level, marketing deals with ways of finding customers for your product. If you are an author, then your book is your product. Of course, you may have other “products” you are trying to gain customers for. You may have a newsletter you are looking find subscribers for; you may have a consulting you are looking to find clients for; you may have a social site you are looking to find “friends” or “connections” for. So marketing does not always deal with selling a product for money. It is simply trying to find the who are interested in whatever it is you are offering.

By: T. Eldidge

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The dilemma, thus the need for marketing, is how do we find the potential clients in the universe of potential clients out there. Today’s tip gives you a way for you to do this that can be one of the most effective for you over time. It will not drive tens of thousands of visitors to your site overnight, but it will start you off in creating a strong roadway of multiple paths that will lead visitors to your doorsteps. It involves elbow grease and the willing to commit to it as a marketing technique if you really want it to pay off for you.

This is one of the best uses of your time and one of the best means to build a growing and vibrant referral method back to you. Create original content on a regular basis and release it to the internet. This article will touch the basics of what you need to do. By following these tips, you will be on your way to creating increased traffic to you and your book.

1. Make the content useful. When you decide to put out content, whether it be articles, tips, reviews, or whatever, you will want to make sure you are putting out information of value. This will cause people to come back to your content and to want to find more of what you have written.

2. Contribute often. Do not underestimate the value of regular submissions to your blog, to other people’s blog, to your website or by submitting articles on the web. It’s in the regular submissions that you build a dynamic, rich library of content that will pay dividends down the road. Think about the people you go to when you want to find the answer to your questions. Chances are, your favorite experts are prolific writers, which is one of the reasons you count them as an expert. You feel adequately certain that you can go to them to find the answers to your questions. This is what frequent regular contributions can do for you too.

3. Link back to your ground zero. If it’s true that all roads lead to Rome, then it should be true that all of your pathways, submissions, and content lead back to your main website that you are trying to gain recognition for. People will only put in so much effort in tracking you down before they move on to someone else. Make it easy for them by linking directly back to your page or your book’s page. I cringe when I read a solid research piece on the web with no contact or reference information on it. I then move on to the next piece I am researching. If you put in the time to create a superhighway leading to your Internet ground zero, don’t sabotage it by placing roadblocks along its path.

4. Pepper the language of your content with relevant keywords. If you want people to find you, then you will need to lay down the proverbial bread crumbs leading to your front door. This is done by making sure your content contains the same words that a reasonable person will use in a search engine to find your content. You will also want to include your name and your website in the article, even if it is a small one line bio credit at the end of the article.

5. Share your content link with others. Once you have submitted your content, let the world know about it. Send the link out to your newsletter subscribers, to your colleagues, to the members in your groups and your social networks. If you Tweet (I am new to Twitter and loving it!) then send out a tweet to let people know about it.

You may not get a book sell immediately because of creating new content, but you are building awareness of yourself and your book. A rule of thumb in marketing is that you have to get in front of someone at lease seven times before they take action. Of course, this number is affected by many things, but by creating timely, useful content with your contact information included, you are slowly dripping on people and making the journey from the back of their mind to the front. Making that journey successfully is when all the content you have been creating starts to explode with more and more traffic to your site.

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