/Launch X431 Professional Car Diagnostic Scanner Scanpad Review

Launch X431 Professional Car Diagnostic Scanner Scanpad Review

The Launch X431 Car Diagnostic Scanner will give you diagnostics of your truck easily and conveniently on your Android tablet. Not only give it the information you need, but this innovative device will do it faster as well.

It works well in your garage or repair shop as the tablet is shockproof and the design is made for heavy/industrial use. One drop on the ground and it won’t crack like a regular iPad.

This diagnostic tool covers a lot of car brands, you can find the full list of Amazon here. Besides English it comes ready in multiple languages, including German, French, and Spanish.

The software of the Launch X431 Professional Car Diagnostic Scanner Scanpad is finetuned regularly so you don’t have to worry about the software is outdated. Updates of the software will be free of charge the first year.

It comes with a Bluetooth connection making it convenient to use in any circumstance and a WiFi connection for instant updates.

This nifty device is able to monitor 12V-24V battery diesel engines. A conversion is not needed when testing 24 Volt batteries and the hardware is manufactured based on international standards.

The Launch X431 Professional Car Diagnostic Scanner Scanpad is powerful on its own, but to get all the features out of the diagnostics you have setup and register the tablet. You don’t have to register the product but we highly recommend doing so to get everything out of it. For example, it will then download all the latest updates.

After activation and connection to your WiFi, you will notice the interface of the tablet is a standard Android tablet. Even if you are unable to update the software it will run for many years to come.

The Launch X431 is a great third-party tool for a reasonable price. Make sure to check out the current price on Amazon.

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