/Introduction to Coloring

Introduction to Coloring

Coloring is a hobby that can provide lifelong advantages to all ages, including maintaining coordination and providing stress-relief. Whether or not you are young or an adult, coloring a few pages each week can provide these real advantages to your life:

Coloring Improves Hand-Eye Ordination

We understand that holding a crayon is an early step in developing the hand-eye coordination children need for writing, but coloring can help adults too. Coloring in between the lines, particularly on more intricate coloring pages, can help refine hand-eye coordination in adults and is particularly valuable for older adults who may be losing the hand-eye coordination of their youth.

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Coloring Develops Better Fine-Motor Skills

Fine engine skills in the hand that are developed in childhood begin to fade in adulthood. In a world of keyboards and swipes, penmanship can fade away into chicken scratch. Flowever, coloring can help maintain fine engine skills and even enhance them. Recent studies indicate that coloring can even help redevelop skills in stroke victims.

Coloring Improves Focus

Studies have concluded that taking regular breaks from work and studying can make the time you spend working and studying more productive by improving your focus Coloring is the perfect break from work or study because there is no reading or writing. Coloring books also feature an easy stopping point – finish a page and your break is over.

Coloring Promotes Creativity

Coloring is among the best ways to promote creativity in kids and adults. Coloring pages and books can enhance imagination by allowing the artist to redesign an animal or personality to suit their mood. Mandalas and tattoo art allow the most convenience to the colorist, allowing them to choose the colors they find most pleasing, or most meaningful. The more intricate the color pages, the more it can spark that creativity nerve in your brain.

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