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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

The more competitive you become in any game, the more you rely on your equipment to provide an extra edge. Buying the best gaming keyboard for you will allow for improved precision of keystrokes. This helps by reducing mis-keys and errors. In this buyers guide I will cover a range of keyboards suitable for gaming and show you how to find the model that best suits your unique needs.

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You will see keyboards classified by a range of differing features, including the type of “switch” the keyboard uses. High end keyboards utilize mechanical switches that allow for excellent response times and offer a precise tactile feel. This allows for an exceptional advantage in competitive gaming. The keyboard you are using right now most likely features a membrane based key system. Membrane keyboards were developed to reduce manufacturing cost. This resulted in slower typing and a less accurate feel offering less precision.

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Mechanical gaming keyboards are not an entry level product and thus, command a far higher price than traditional keyboard. Due to the differing budgets of my sites visitors, I have chosen to incorporate a range of keyboards in this buyers guide. For a comprehensive guide on choosing the best keyboard for you, please keep reading.

Depending on the types of games you play, there are many other features on a keyboard that you may find useful to your gaming experience. We will cover this later.

Factors to consider when choosing your new keyboard

Mechanical keyboards offer never ending options for customization. Bellow I will outline some key factors that will help you choose the model that works for you best. Please note; these are listed in no particular order of importance.


The experience you get from a mechanical keyboard will largely depend of what of switches it uses. Different switches offer different typing sensations, differing levels of actuation pressure and feedback. To keep things simple, I will discuss the differences between popular modern switches and tell you what I think are best for different applications. Switches are characterized by their color. This color signifies the mechanism that the switch uses and its ideal purpose. The best gaming keyboard will depend on what switch you prefer, so choose wisely.

Cherry MX Blue switches – Best switch for typing accuracy and speed.

Incredibly popular among those wanting the fastest typing experience. Blue switches produce a very satisfying click and offer excellent tactile feedback. Blue keys are less favorable in gaming as the actuation point (where the key is triggered) is slightly different to when you feel the “bump”. This becomes problematic when trying to double-tap or press keys multiple times in quick succession. It is important to note that these switches are very loud and may not be suitable for use around others (e.g typical office cubicle environment).

Cherry MX red – Best switch for gaming performance.

Unlike MX blue switches, the red variant lacks a tactile bump when the key is pressed. Red mechanical switches require very little force to press down the key. As a result they excel in gaming as they can easily react to twitch movements and double taps. The keys feel easy on the hands and feel comfortable to type on. Even for long gaming sessions. You will see many gaming keyboards featuring red switches. This is because they offer a fairly good balance between gaming and typing performance (leaning towards gaming). The lack of a tactile bump when pressed makes them less popular among typists. This does make them significantly quieter than the blue switches, however they are still far from silent.

Cherry MX Brown – The best balance between gaming and typing.

Brown switches offer an excellent balance between gaming and typing performance. This is because the tactile “bump” is felt half way through the key press, at the same point that the key is triggered. This means keys need not be fully pressed. One you adjust to this, typing speeds can be greatly improved. This mechanism allows for excellent “double-top” performance. Brown switches double tap faster than any other switches once the proper technique is learned.

Cherry MX black – Another excellent gaming switch.

Less popular than the previously mentioned variants, black keys mostly feature on gaming oriented keyboards. Similar in a way to red switches mechanism, they feature no tactile “bump”. Back switches are firmer than most however, yet still retain a nice smooth motion. Whilst gaming performance is rather good, they feel more tiring to use and perform poorly in typing scenarios . The reduction in typing performance is noticeable in comparison to blue switches.


Look at the desk in front of you. How much space do you have to dedicate to a keyboard? You need to see if your keyboard will fit on your desk with your current set-up. Do you want a more portable option for lan parties? Consider the following options:

keyboard hurting you

Full Size

When you think of a standard keyboard, a full sized keyboard comes to mind. A full size mechanical keyboard will offer a number pad (pictured to the right). This is crucial to me as I deal with a lot of numbers in my job. Once you are able to type fast on a number pad, you cant do without it.

This standard 104-key layout is excellent for gaming. You have all the keys at your fingertips and will not need to use any shortcuts, reducing input delay. This is typically the only variant of membrane keyboards you can buy. Luckily for us, mechanical keyboards come in a range of shapes and sizes. lets see what else is available.

Tenkeyless (ten-key-less)

The tenkeyless design is essentially a full keyboard without the number pad. This layout is ideal for anyone wanting to maximize free space on the work desk. This smaller design can allow you to center the keyboard directly in front of you. This will allow for more ergonomic use.

Whilst appealing the the minimalist aesthetic, this keyboard is far more portable. If you are not a frequent user of the number pad, I highly recommend this design. If the lack of a number pad becomes problematic you could always buy an external one.

60 Percent
This layout gets its name as it features roughly 60% of the keys of a full size keyboard. This allows for a significantly small and lighter design. This is the only keyboard I would consider being easy to carry around in a laptop bag/backpack. Conveniently 60 percent keyboard can even fit over your existing laptops keyboard.

This compact form factor does come with some caveats. You lose the function keys, navigation (arrow) keys, and that navigation cluster (print screen, page up, etc). This is somewhat remedied by secondary functions, this means you have to hold down a secondary key then press another. Its easy to forget how often we use these keys in games. Typically this keyboard also loses the option of keys (play, next track).

Due to these shortcomings, I can only recommend 60% keyboards for portable productivity. Most serious gamers will only be frustrated by this keyboard layout.

Keys – Media Shortcuts and macros

Media shortcut keys are always overlooked. Nothing frustrates me more than having to tab out of a game the change the volume or skip a song. Make sure you look for comprehensive media keys on the next gaming keyboard that you buy.

Most modern gaming keyboard will feature some sort of macro key system. How much it actually gets used is a different story. Cumbersome macro recording and playback is irritating. For ease of use, dedicated macro keys are all but essential.

Illuminated keys (Back-lit keys)
Illuminated keyboards allow you to easily navigate between keys in the dark. In my opinion, the main function of this feature is purely aesthetic. With proper typing technique there should be no need to look at the keyboard anyway.

Depending on your budget there are a lot of differing illumination features. Entry level back-lit keyboards will feature one color and have limited lighting options. Spending more affords features like RBG (chose basically any color) lighting, and pleasing lighting modes. I will dive into this deeper in the following reviews.

The Best Wireless Keyboard

A good wireless keyboard can be ideal for controlling your home media set-up, make sure you check out my list of the best wireless keyboards!

Unfortunately there are very limited models of wireless mechanical keyboards. I have had a good look at the market and concluded that there is only one option I could recommend. Whilst it may not be suitable for your applications, check out my review of the Mactrem Rapoo Black KX here!

The best gaming keyboard for your Budget:

When its all said and done, you budget determines the keyboard you will end up buying. I have split this section to reflect the 4 main price points:

– Tight Budget
– Entry-Level
– Mid-Range
– High End
– Enthusiast

Tight budget – Less than $30

At this price point (less than $30) stay away from mechanical keyboards. Any mechanical gaming keyboards selling at this price point will be of poor quality. Ill keep this brief, check out a full review of a well equipped budget gaming keyboard here!

Entry Level – Less than $50

Don’t expect to be buying name brand mechanical keyboards for less than $50. You wont find genuine Cherry MX switches at that price point. There is a very enticing offering from Redragon that offers solid build construction any many appealing features to gamers. lets have a closer look.

ReDragon Kumara K552

Redragon offers an excellent option for your first foray into mechanical keyboards. It wouldn’t be fair to compare this product to its more expensive counterparts, so I will evaluate it based on value for money.

Packaging & whats included in the box
Surprisingly this product comes well packaged and exceeded my initial expectations. A sturdy cardboard box houses the keyboard protected by bubble wrap. In the box you will find the keyboard, a detailed user manual and a key-cap removed. Its nice to find extras like this (this tool is handy if you wish to replace the stock key-caps with something more exciting.

Switch type and keyboard feel
At this price point you cannot expect top quality branded switches. The K552 is advertised as having “custom mechanical switches” that are equivalent to cherry green switches. Essentially this means that switches are cheap Chinese knock-offs, this doesnt mean the end experience is terrible. Green switches are marketed as a more firm version of blue switches. In reality, there switches actually feel rather soft (in a good way). I would conclude that these are not a clone of Cherry green switches as advertised. Green switches require far more actuation force. However there chinesse switches are comfortable to type on for long periods and feel reliable for gaming use. A substantial “clicky” tactile feel and sound inspires confidence in the user. You may notice that the keys are actually blue in color, this doesn’t mean they are blue keys from a functional standpoint.

Functionality and form-factor
The K552 Kumara features a Tenkeyless design. Long story short, its offers excellent functionality whilst taking up less space on your desk. This also offers better portability, however it should be noted that this model is fairly heavy (as most mechanical keyboards are).

The function and media keys are well though out and are well labeled. The K552 offers comprehensive media keys and productivity keys, email, calculator etc. I find the function to launch the calculator to be redundant as there is no number pad. There is a hotkey to lock the windows button, this avoids accidentally minimizing your game. The key-caps themselves feature a tidy laser etches design. While providing a nice aggressive aesthetic, these caps will not smudge or scratch off.

Additional Features and build quality
This keyboard has the option to illuminate the keys with red LED’s. There is hardwired keys that allow for adjustable levels of brightness. There is also a toggle to make the LEDs “breath”, this basically means the light pulses. On future models I would like to see brighter LED’s and more appealing lighting modes.

Like all mechanical keyboards, this one is very heavy. The ABS plastic construction feels solid and there is very little flex in the body. The feet that elevate the keyboard feel solid, I just wish there was more textured grip on the bottom.

Conclusion and summary
This keyboard is an absolute bargain. For the same price that name brands will sell you cheap membrane keyboard, you can have a fully functional mechanical keyboard. Amazon reviews are largely positive and Redragons after sales support seems sufficient. I highly recommend this product.

Click here for a special price for the Redragon Kumara K552!

Mid-Range – Less than $80

This is where we start seeing high quality offerings from name brands. For this price you should expect solid build quality and genuine cherry MX switches.

Rosewill RK-9000


Packaging & whats included in the box
The box I received looks cheaper than other models I have reviewed. In a way this is actually a positive. Rosewill have chosen to spend their money on a quality components instead of marketing and packaging. The keyboard comes fairly well protected in a foam envelope. My unit arrived in perfect condition. Included in the box is the keyboard, instructions and the 2 USB/ps-2 cables.

Switch type and keyboard feel
The Rk-9000 is available in a range of different switches; MX blue, MX Black, MX Red and MX Brown. Scroll up to read a detailed guide of different switches. I purchased the model with genuine cherry MX brown switches, as the keyboard would be used for gaming. Its great to see manufactures offering this level of customization. While a simple construction is utilised, typing feels natural. With the right switches, the RK9000 is suitable for a range of tasks.

Functionality and form-factor
This is a full size keyboard, featuring a full number pad. The number pad is a welcome addition, however it does make this keyboard significantly bigger. Consider how much room there is on your desk before purchasing. The cumbersome size of the RK9000 also means its not easily portable.

Two cables are provided in the box, allowing the keyboard to be connected by ps-2 or USB. Both cables are of exceptionally high quality, featuring gold-plated connectors and a nice braided cable. For those who are unaware, ps-2 is an alternate way of connecting the keyboard to your computer. USB works by checking if a key is pressed around 200 times a second. When using ps-2, key strokes are directly sent as instructions to your CPU. This reduces response times. Secondly it features full N-key rollover, this allows every key to be pressed simultaneously and still be registered accurately and in order.

Media keys are basic, yet functional. No software customization is available, and there are is no macro function. The key caps are laser etched and are finished nicely. The keyboard features a very minimalist aesthetic, with a red background.

Additional Features and build quality
Rosewill wasn’t concerned with competing with flashy gaming keyboard. Instead they wanted to offer excellent value for money. As a result there are no additional features to write home about, no back-lighting, no macro keys, no programmable shortcuts. Its all very basic, and for this price that is just fine.

The build feels very sturdy, the rk9000 features an internal metal frame housed in tough ABS plastic. I really do see this keyboard lasting a very long time.

Conclusion and summary
If you want genuine Cherry mechanical switches, you cant go wrong for this price. Different options for the type of mechanical switches make this an excellent choice for a range of uses.

High End – Less than $120


Corsair are a massive brand in the enthusiast PC scene, and have been for a long time. So it comes as no surprise they they have an excellent range of keyboards. The model I will review today is the K70 red LED back-lit gaming keyboard. NOTE: this model is not to be confused with its far more expensive RGB brother.

Packaging & whats included in the box
Corsair shipped this product to me in a high quality box, ensuring the keyboard arrived in one piece. In the box you will find:

The corsair k70 keyboard.
Key-cap removal tool.
User guide and warranty information.
A detachable wrist rest.
“Contoured” keycaps for the WASD and 1-6 number keys.
A braided USB cord w/ USB passthrough adaptor.
Switch type and keyboard feel

The k70 comes in a range of genuine cherry MX keys. Including; blue, red, brown and speed. I opted to go with brown switches as I prefer the tactile feel they offer. For more information about what switch would suit you best, ready my switch guide earlier in the article.

Functionality and form-factor
This is a full loaded 104-key model (full size). I really appreciate the ergonomic options this keyboard offers. Rubberized kick-out feet allow the user to raise the rear, the front or the whole keyboard. Its great to see all these options for customizing the typing experience. personally I like the have the back of the keyboard slight raised in combination with a wrist rest.

I the media keys on the unit. They are logically placed out of the way and are easy to find in the dark. I really like the addition of the metal volume scroll wheel, it just makes so much sense.

I mentioned that the K70 came with some “contoured” key caps for the WASD and 1-6 numeric keys. These essentially allow you to feel the key, ensure you dont make mistakes in crucial moments. These are a novel feature, and while easy to remove I found them frustrating for normal typing. I did find them incredibly helpful in games like Dota, where a lot of hotkeys are utilised.

Additional Features and build quality
The keyboard I reviewed has red LED back lighting. This is not to be confused with the more expensive RGB model (capable of many colors and lighting modes). I chose this model as I find the RGB edition to be somewhat of a gimmick. There are 2 standard lighting modes; the whole keyboard, or a select number of keys. There is a programmable function allowing you to choose what keys you would like to illuminate. Unfortunately there is only 1 profile, so saving multiple profiles isnt possible. I would be nice if corsair allowed more than 3 brightness options.

Like some of the best gaming keyboard s, the Corsair k70 features a windows lock function and anti-ghosting. The keyboard features a solid construction and a anodized aluminum finish. This results in a very attractive product that I know will last.

Conclusion and summary

I really do love this product. I’m very picky when it comes to my typing experience, and I really like the wrist rest and keyboard elevation options. The media buttons work seamlessly and the volume wheel is the best I have seen on any keyboard. The whole build screams quality and I wholeheartedly recommend picking this product up.

Enthusiast – $120+

For this price point, you should be expecting to very special features. If you are this serious about a high performance keyboard, you really should test it out in person before buying it.

Best mechanical keyboard for typing
Aside from gaming, a mechanical keyboard offers many advantageous features for someone wanting to improve their typing experience. Mechanical keyboards make it easy to type faster, and with fewer errors.

The feel you get whilst using a mechanical keyboard will depend on what switches are being used. I highly recommend going to a high end electronics store and trying a few different variants to find what is right for you. All the research won’t help as this is a personal preference and needs to be experienced. Most looking to type as fast and as accurately as possible will normally prefer MX blue switches. Cherry MX blue switches feel soft under the typist’s fingers. They have a tactile and audible click when they are actuated. These are typically the loudest switches, however the noise comes with a major benefit for those wanting to improve their typing speed.

Over time when using mechanical switches, your brain will become accustomed to the feel and the sound of the key being activated. With proper typing technique, this will allow most people to significantly improve both their speed and accuracy. This is known as mind-muscle connection and is the same phenomenon that allows a pianist to play their instrument with such precision.

Buying a mechanical keyboard is not a magic fix for typing fast. For the best possible experience I highly recommend people also look into the following options to improve their typing speed. Form healthy typing habits: This involves using correct posture and setting up your desk correctly. This will reduce fatigue and will prevent possible injury over time. Some keyboard manufactures sell models with blank keys. This is ideal for those who want to do away with their dependence on looking at the keys. Blank key caps force the user to trust their intuition and once they no longer rely on looking at their keys, their experience will improve dramatically.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Review

The German designed Das Keyboard 4 Professional is the Mercedes Benz of mechanical keyboards. While the Das Professional 4 certainly isn’t cheap, its well thought out features make it a popular choice among enthusiasts. A premium design and a high level of craftsmanship has awarded Das keyboard praise from its customer base. Lets find out what makes this keyboard so special.

Initial Impressions

Most people you know would give you a certain look if they found out you spent upwards of $150 on a keyboard. Among enthusiasts, Das has a famed reputation. A no compromise approach to material selection and build quality yields an exceptionally well rounded product.

I ordered the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate off amazon.com with the Cherry MX blue switches and blank key-caps (More on this later). When you pick the keyboard up for the first time, you will notice its weight. The keyboard comes in at 2.9 pounds, you can see the designers didn’t intend for it to be portable. The second thing that comes to mind, is the premium look and feel of the product. An anodized aluminum face plate not only offers the product a great aesthetic, but gives the keyboard a sturdy feel and stops it from flexing.

As I like to type with my keyboard on an angle, I immediately attached the removable back-stand. Unlike other keyboard models (that have fold out feet), Das keyboard have a unique removable stand for the keyboard. The stand doubles as a ruler/straight edge and attaches magnetically to the back of the keyboard. This gives the keyboard a 4° incline, offering a nice ergonomic typing experience. In all honestly, this is mainly a gimmick. While it avoids the risk of the feet snapping off (this has happened several times to me), I haven’t found myself using the ruler yet. In future models I would also like to see additional anti-slip rubber on the removable ruler.

Typing experience
Firstly, I want to note that this keyboard is available in a range of different models. I opted for the ultimate edition that features an all back design and blank key-caps. For those still unsure about your touch typing abilities, I highly recommend getting the professional edition (with printed key-caps). Das keyboard also offers 2 different switch types, lets talk about the.

Cherry MX Blue Switches

For the user wanting the best typing experience, blue switches offer excellent auditory and tactile feedback. The satisfying click (its rather loud) and tactile bump (that is felt), allows the users typing speed to easily progress over time.

brown mechanical keyboard switchBrown switches offer a great balance between typing experience and gaming performance. Due to the switch actuation point matching its trigger mechanism, they are excellent in scenarios when keys need to pressed multiple times in quick succession.

“Cherry” is a major name in the keyboard industry. These gold plated switches have a lifetime of up to 50 million key presses. Personally I feel that such longevity of a product justifies a higher price point.

The professional edition comes with laser etched key-caps, historically this type of printing lasts a long time. The keys feature a nice clean, modern font. I like the Das Keyboard logo in place of the windows key.

I previously mentioned I ordered the Ultimate edition, this features blank key-caps. I find it hilarious when someone else is using my computer. They simply cant use a keyboard without printed key-caps. In a way I suppose this will keep nosy people off your computer.

This keyboard features “N key rollover”. Essentially this means that you can press all the keys at once, and the keyboard can register them all. Normally this would require the keyboard to be connected via PS-2.

To summarize the typing experience on the blue switches, its amazing. Typing feels effortless and precise, the keyboard gives great acoustic feedback and as I become more accustomed to the keyboard my typing speed increases.

Additional features

This keyboard features the best implementation of dedicated media keys I have seen. The keys are well labeled and laid out, sitting just above the num-pad. A lot of high end keyboards require the use of the “Fn” key in combination with another key to access the media controls. One of my favorite features on this keyboard is the volume scroll wheel. I have no idea why more manufactures don’t implement this, I just makes so much more sense than volume buttons. The wheel feels satisfying to use and offers clicky feedback when scrolling. Its attention to detail like this that makes for an exceptional product.

A high speed USB connection allows this keyboard to run 2 USB ports at 5Gb/s speeds. This is great when you want to plug in a USB drive to transfer large files. It saves you the hassle of fumbling around with the USB ports at the back of your computer. To ensure that the USB ports operate at full speed, make sure you plug the keyboard into a USB 3 port.

What Could Be Improved

I really like this keyboard, so I really have to nit-pick to find things I dislike. At this price range, I think they should be shipping with a removable braided cable. As this seems to be the industry standard for cheaper models. I am rather picky about how my keyboard is set-up in regards to ergonomics. I wish they offered more options for customization in regards to keyboard height etc. Luckily the default typing position with the stand attached is rather comfortable. Some will find the lack of back-lit keys an issue, this keyboard is more about performance that looks. I think it makes sense that there are no back-lit keys, as this model is aimed at professionals.

Why buy a mechanical gaming keyboard?

Mechanical gaming keyboards have recently seen a huge surge in popularity from people demanding better performance for both productivity tasks and gaming. Those new to the mechanical keyboard market will initially be put off by the price, due to the nature of their construction they are far more expensive to manufacture. Unlike a typical membrane keyboard (what you are likely using now), mechanical boards have individual switches that activate when pressed. Different switches allow keyboards to be customized to specialize for different tasks; faster typing performance, a more tactile typing experience or more accurate gaming performance.

Most mechanical switches are rated for 20-60 million key strokes, some of my colleagues have the same IBM keyboard they have been using for over 20 years. After I purchased my first mechanical keyboard, my typing speed shot up dramatically. What really helped me was the tactile feel and satisfying click that the switch made when it was actuated. This helps teach your brain that you do not need to push the key all the way down, which saves you a lot of time. Personally I really do enjoy typing on a high quality keyboard, I simply couldn’t go back to a conventional keyboard.

There is a compromise however, not only are mechanical keyboards rather expensive they are also heavy and cumbersome. Although they provide an excellent typing experience, they can weigh around 3 pounds which doesn’t make them ideal for or portable usage. Furthermore the satisfying click of a key being pressed can be very loud on some mechanical switches. For some office environments I may be a better option to opt for a silent mechanical keyboard, for the sake of your co-workers sanity. Lastly, mechanical keyboard are not as spill resistant as a membrane keyboard. So if you like to knock your morning coffee over a lot, look elsewhere.

Should I be using a wrist pad?

I often mention how important ergonomics are then looking for a good typing experience, most people know this yet it is still overlooked. A wrist pad can be a great way to reduce wrist strain and take tension off the neck and shoulders (from having to support the arms) and reduce typing fatigue. The benefits are debated and it will come down to user preference to what feels best.

Here are two great products that should give you a more comfortable experience.

Grifiti Fat wrist pad
This grifiti pad is definitely the largest wrist pad I have seen, if measures 17 by 4 inches. The benefit of this is that it will fit the length of nearly all full size mechanical keyboards. This product is suitable with the standard keyboard height of 0.75 inches (the same form-factor of most mechanical keyboards).

The pad is available in a range of different color offerings and has a sleek refined look. An added bonus is that its machine washable. The one problem I can point out is the lack of grip on the bottom of the wrist pad. Whilst it doesn’t move while typing, I do find it irritation to move it from time to time.

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest – FULL SIZE
The glorious gaming wrist pad comes in a range of differing sizes, you would probably want to pick up the standard size 17 by 4 inch design. This will work best with nearly all keyboards. This model fortunately features a great grip pad on the bottom which firmly plants to any surface I could find.

The build quality is most certainly better the the Grigiti pad and is slightly more pricey. In return you get a more premium product with anti-fray stitching meaning it will last far longer. Multiple positive amazon review also state that the customer service is excellent.

What is PS/2 and do you need it on your keyboard?

If you have been around older computer systems for long, you would recognize the inputs (pictured right). Before USB mice and keyboards were common, PS/2 keyboard were the standard.

Why are PS/2 ports are still found on today’s computers?
You will be surprised to find that some new keyboards still offer PS/2 as an input. High performance USB gaming keyboards will poll the USB bus @ 1000hz. This means the computer is checking to see if a key has been pressed 1000 times every second.

USB keyboards typically will only register 5-6 keys being pressed at once. This may not sound like much of an issue, however it does affect some users. Fast typists and some gamers need the support of “full n-key rollover” to perform at their best. n-key rollover allows the computer to register all keys at once.

PS/2 connected keyboards eliminate the delay of a USB bus and support full n-key rollover. This is why this old technology is still being used today. Some gamers claim that a PS/2 connected keyboard gives them an edge in situations when they are strafing and require precision (think CS:GO).

Should I buy a keyboard that supports PS/2?
While PS/2 offers some cool features, unless you are at the very highest level of gaming or typing 100 WPM+ I wouldn’t even consider it. Perhaps if the gaming keyboard you decide on supports it, you may find it worthwhile to connect (you may lose some functionality). A great value keyboard I love (the Rosewell RK9000) still offers a separate cord to connect via PS/2.

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