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Colors plays such an important role in your corporate identity. They could easily portray what sort of you are running. Colors can easily affect people’s mood From making feel hungry to cheerful and even sad. In the Online Marketing world, they can even tempt people to purchase your products. Now imagine how much of an impact colors can make for your company’s marketing and advertising.

Remember that designing your corporate identity is one thing, but choosing your company colors is another. Below are some examples of existing company logos. See the pattern that relates to why these companies use these specific colors.


Red is a bold color. It is energetic, intense and full of action. Red has been known to boost your appetite, hence it is popular amongst restaurants. Red also symbolizes fast and furious, which makes this a popular color for car brands.


Can you really go wrong with orange? It is such a playful and fun color. It is enthusiastic and creative. Orange has been used a lot for call to actions on websites due to the popularity of the color for online shoppers.


Yellow is a warm color. It is friendly and cheerful. Yellow gives off a lot of optimism and positivity. Why do you think smiley faces always us the color yellow? This attention grabber color is popular to use for shop displays.


Green is closely associated with the and nature. This fresh color is used a lot in skincare products to give the idea of the natural ingredients used. Green is also popular among technology to portray being more “energy friendly”.


Blue represents security and confidence. It illustrates a lot of power and trust. Blue is a popular color amongst social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. It reminds people of oceans, skies and calmness.


Black is a classic. It is a very formal, serious yet timeless color. Ever heard of the saying black goes with everything, and it never goes out of fashion? Well, these logos have proven just that.


If you are looking for simplicity, grey (or silver) is just the color for you. It is corporate and neutral which demonstrates wisdom to your brand. Grey is also a very luxurious color. Popular with jewelery and car brands.


If your target market is ladies then consider pink as one of your color. Pink is a very feminine and girly color. It portrays romance and softness. Don’t be afraid to use this eye catching color. Be bold just like Cosmopolitan and Priceline Pharmacy!


Purple is a royal color. It demonstrates luxury and sophistication. It is also a mysterious color associated with magic and spirituality. This cool color is often used in care and anti-aging skin care products to portray healing.

Multi Colored

Let’s just say that rainbow isn’t all bad. Take Google for example. They are a multi-billion dollar company and they can get away with a multicolored logo. A range of colors symbolizes unity and diversity. Together, they can be a vibrant combination.

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