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Branding is the number one thing to shift your focus to It should reflect on the entire website with a consistent look and feel Do that by using a theme of logos, colors, fonts and language to create more trust and strengthen the brand’s identity.


A responsive website is a real winner today. It is because most of the people today are visiting websites from devices other than desktop computers. For a smooth browsing experience regardless of the device in use, smartphone or tablet, a responsive website is the answer.

Bold images

Images are a clear reflection of your . Therefore, choosing stock photos to be placed on the homepage design or on About Us page is a bad idea Hire a professional photographer and get real-time images that would complement the overall design.

Uncluttered Navigation

Visitors today have a thing for easy navigation – because they are super impatient and want faster results. Loyalty is hard to come by. So keep the navigation clean and uncluttered so that users can easily explore the information they are looking for.

Visible contact information

If you really want to be found, there’s no trick to it – simply put your contact details in a place where it’s prominent and visible to all. Make your site user-friendly and be as transparent as you can for visitors love transparency, which also leads to customer loyalty.

Catchy headlines

Persuasive headlines are real attention grabbers and when done right, they work greatly to increase conversion rate. So give your visitors a reason to stick around, conduct A/B testing to see which headlines are best fit for they are critical to getting results.

Important information above the fold

For the portion that is visible without even scrolling, above the fold, it holds a whole lot of importance. Even if it’s a hero image, it should deliver the important message, even a one-liner would do the job.

Promotional content

We all know that content drives action. Use blogs, videos, social media channels and associations to work wonders for your website. They are the real essence of generating business for text supported visuals are the best kind of treat for our eyes.

Solid CTA

Calls to Action are the heart of an ever-increasing website conversion rates. They are text or graphics that are encouraging the users to take particular action on a website. So use the best catchy terms and prominent colors to get more clicks.

Clear trust indicators

Trust indicators help to show customers that it’s safe to conduct business with you. So give them an idea about it by displaying client testimonials, and certifications to set a company reputation and give the visitors something to rely on.

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