/How to Scare a Ghost on Halloween?

How to Scare a Ghost on Halloween?

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What Makes a Costume Scary?

If you’ve been looking to strike fear into the hearts of men (and ghosts) everywhere, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve broken down the most basic elements of creating a totally terrifying, scream-inducing, white-knuckling costume. Think you’re ready? Then prepare to be horrified!

Combining scary elements from various costumes to create

The Ultimate Halloween Costume:

1. The wings of a dragon or beast give others the impression you cannot be trained or controlled.

2. Adding devil horns make it clear that you come straight from the pit of hell.

3. Oversized werewolf paws double as mauling tools and back-scratchers for when the job gets tough.

4. A skeleton or zombie skull and rib cage show that you laugh in the face of death.

5. Sharpened grim reaper sickle for haunting the deepest crevasses of your victim’s mind.

6. Leatherface’s 27-inch-long chainsaw will incite a massacre in anyone’s neighborhood.

7. Frankenstein’s shoes add height for towering over little children.

8. A make-up kit brings to light your inner, twisted Joker by embellishing an ever-so-slight grin on your face.

9. Ketchup or dyed red gel for blood stains your paws and your blood-thirsty lips.

10. A rubber dagger adds a horrifying “Stephen King” element to your dreadful exterior. Don’t forget to walk around your neighborhood eerily and silently for added effect.

Ranking the 5 scariest costumes of all time


It’s bad enough that one in three Americans (ok, maybe a slightly skewed statistic) is afraid of clowns. But if you step outside your door dressed like Pennywise, the infamous clown from Stephen King film, It-you probably will send your friends into shock.

Michael Myers

This killer dons an alarming white mask that is devoid of any emotion. While simple, the effect is quite dramatic. If you’re seeking scares, you’ll want to pick out the most authentic mask–and then couple it with an old mechanic’s jumpsuit Watch the reactions.


The costume is better pulled off if you are a bee keeper, and can easily be created with a few choice wardrobe selections. However, this horror villain’s deep, lurching voice and intense stare must be perfected.

Marilyn Manson

With his spiky black Goth hair, white face make-up, blood red-lipstick, a tight undertaker’s suit and one white contact lens, Marilyn Manson may not be a horror villain, but the well-dressed make-up alone will stand someone’s hair on end.

The Joker

While this character has been well-established in the comic book canon for decades, Heath Ledger’s dramatic take highlighted the villain’s chilling, corrupt mind. Putting together the costume, including a purple suit and scar face make-up, may be easy enough, but the real horror comes from the pitch-perfect expression of a fearless and demented mental state.

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